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My completely intentional ramblings on all things human.

Optimizer, Optimist, and Humble Observer of Humans

Yo yo — pleasure to introduce myself to you. My name is Carter and I’m 22 years old, about 35 at heart, and I’m obsessed with the human condition. There’s nothing more fascinating to me than being alive, and I’ve spent much of my time thus far trying to figure out how to do that in the best way. I’ve learned a lot along the way and realized I have a gift in my willingness to experiment on myself and communicate that with others.

I’ve always enjoyed writing — my favorite classes in…

Why You Need to Channel Your Inner Addict to Succeed

True agency is not independence — it’s choosing what and who you’re dependent on.

According to Merrian-Webster, addicted is defined as “physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance, and unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects.”

Where does your mind go when you read that? Who do you picture?

Likely someone visibly shaking all over, struggling from withdrawal. Someone who can’t functionally integrate into society, ostracized, and outsider. A shell of a person.

Keep that image in mind as you read this.

An idea I’ve been throwing around with my therapist the last few weeks is how…

Reckoning with My Egotistical Intellectualism

You know, my momma always told me, books are like sweet potatoes. I just don’t like em anymore.

~ Forrest Gump

~ Carter Owen

This will probably come as a surprise to most of you who know me well. I could even see it being a bit controversial given my reputation as someone who’s been a lifelong reader and strongly prefers more analog ways of spending time. But believe me when I say this — screw reading.

This is the culmination of an arch I’ve been slowly becoming more aware of over the past 12–16 months. Right before the pandemic…

My Technically Successful yet Utterly Infuriating Experience with Online Dating

Warning — this is gonna be a rant. There will be nothing profound or meaningful here. Just a combination of words and emotions to hopefully help me process the frustration and disrespect I’ve been feeling lately. I won’t even be promoting it anywhere because I don’t intend this to help anyone other than myself.

I’m also aware that this may make me look a bit needy — I know, and I am. Perhaps my expectations are too high, but I know I’m not alone in my annoyance.

After months of saying I never would, I finally caved and got into…

Analyzing the Real Value of Social Media to Self-Heal

Wow has it really been 2 months since I last wrote? That’s too long. Shame on me.

Anyway, I’m back! I’ve been peen pressing myself to write lately and had been disappointed every Sunday night when I realized I let another weekend go by without putting pen to paper (or finger to key). Ironically, it took some thinking on my lack of creative inspiration at a bar last weekend to figure out what I wanted to write about next — inspiration. I know, genius.

In my late-night, beer aided scribblings, I began toying with a concept I’d heard from one…

Here’s how it felt getting back to my old ways

Anyone who knows me even remotely well knows that I like to talk about meditation. It was a huge part of my self-discovery journey in college and something I tried to get anyone I talked to to try out. For context, I started meditating the Fall of my Sophomore Year (which now feels like 2 lifetimes ago), a habit which I built and built over nearly 2 years of committment and dedication. I meditated every weekday and most weekends, always at my college’s meditation center, either as a participant or leader of a session, straight from that Fall in 2017…

Learnings from 2.5 months completely alone

“Being alone for a while is dangerous. It’s addicting. Once you see how peaceful it is, you don’t want to deal with people anymore.”

~ Tom Hardy

Flash back to August 2020.

Within the growing uncertainty around the world regarding where we were in the pandemic timeline, I knew one thing for sure: I was sick of being at home.

Obviously no knock to my family here, but after 5 months of quarantining together, I needed a break. Luckily, with my work start date right around the corner, I had a good excuse to get some space. …

Why You Need to Trick Yourself Into Living Well

It’s always someone else’s fault. No, seriously.

Something I’ve been wrestling with lately is the extent to which our own biology shapes how we build societies.

I moved to New York City in November and have been doing a lot of walking around, exploring the various neighborhoods and trying to get as much of a glimpse of the culture as I can (albeit through a mask). Just today, I was out in shorts for a while in Central Park, and began to turn back as I got cold.

On my walk…

Why I Want the World To Get a Bit Less Material & How It Could Be the Antidote to Anxiety

For those of you who have spoken to me for more than 5 minutes, you’ll know I consider myself an avid minimalist and a shameless plugger of the lifestyle. As expected, I’ve been trying to figure out how to craft a post around minimalism for a while. I’ve dabbled in pieces regarding the practice in the digital sphere quite a few times, but never fully ventured into a real-life centered post yet. Well, just as the year’s changed, so has my willingness to really think on why minimalism appeals to me so much.

I inadvertently discovered minimalism as a survival…

A Look a What’s Been Inspiring Me As We (Finally) Near the End of 2020

I’ll keep this short — for anyone looking for something to pass the time with this holiday season, here’s a list of what I’ve been into lately.


  • The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh: I’ve been slowly drifting from Catholicism since I graduated high school, and wanted to see if I could satisfy my spiritual impulse with a different religion. I commend TNH for his straightforward writing style, but Buddhism is not for me. I honestly felt like I was in school again with all the virtues, truths, and noble deeds I had to memorize to make…

Mindful Musings

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