What I Want for 2021: Less

Why I Want the World To Get a Bit Less Material & How It Could Be the Antidote to Anxiety

My minimalism was more a lack of a personal style or identity than a zen-like lack of attachment to my possessions. Heart = broken.

Minimalism is looking that biological urge for more in the face and saying no.

You see how this is a problem — we’re programmed to want everything we can get our hands on, but by doing so, we’re left sad and ungrateful for what we do have. We then try to find the answer with what seems like even more chance than before, which makes us feel even worse about ourselves for failing to get it right this time around. Then we bandaid our broken self-esteem with a new thing, only to realize we’re trapped in a vicious cycle.

The most prominent display of excess I’ve ever seen — Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm, August 2016. Man I miss being able to travel.

My completely intentional ramblings on all things human.

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